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    1. Convoluted Air SpringThe conventional control mode of air suspension uses mechanical leveling valve
    1. Air Spring for TrucksThe low frequency of free vibration ensures reliable transportation of fragile
    1. Air Spring for BusesAll the world's passenger cars will use this product in the future. We design and manufacture the product that can maximally
    1. Air Spring for Cab SuspensionIt provides a reasonable damping for the cab and the driver with ease and allows the cab to shift with safety
    1. Air Spring for Driver's SeatsThe shock absorption offers comfort to the seat. By cushioning the shock of the road to the cab
    1. AUDI Air Suspension PartsIt maintains the contact between the wheels and the road. This is of great significance to ensure the braking and steering performance.
      It protects automotive parts from excessive load.
      It greatly reduces adverse load to passengers and avoids damage to loaded precision cargo.
    1. BMW Air Suspension PartsThe air suspension is connection device for force-transmitting between the frame and axle. It determines the vehicle stability, comfort and safety. Therefore, its application in the BMW car is very important that is not to be ignored.
    1. Jaguar Air Suspension PartsThrough the combination of sporty driving dynamics and outstanding ride, Jaguar's dedicated drivers want to get the best experience from air suspensions. Our experts can help to choose easy-to-install replacement products at affordable prices.
    1. Land Rover Air Suspension PartsEspecially for a SUV car, the air suspension can reduce the height of the vehicle as the vehicle speed increases, reduce wind drag, save fuel consumption and enhance steering control. The ride height can return to normal when the vehicle speed is slower. Regardless of load, it can automatically adjust the vehicle height, so as to facilitate cargo loading and passenger entering.
    1. Lincoln Air Suspension PartsMark VIII(8)-1993-1998 (4.6 Liter V8)
      Phoenix 2C-107/120-305
      Application: LINCOLN Mark VIII(8)-1993-1998 (4.6 Liter V8)
      New Left front strut assembly
    1. Mercedes-Benz Air Suspension PartsMODEL : 2S3013;
      DETAIL : W251 2006-2010 (W251 chassis) R-Class
    1. Hyundai KIA Air Suspension PartsIn addition to ensuring the basic performance, namely driving, steering and braking performance, Hyundai car is now committed to improving the safety and comfort, towards the direction of high value-added, high-performance and high-quality. To achieve this purpose, the use of air suspension system dedicated to improve the steering stability and riding comfort is very important.
    1. Rolls-Royce Air Suspension PartsIt also helps to ensure that the car has good driving smooth, small amplitude of body and wheel in the resonance zone, fast vibration attenuation. Again, it is able to ensure good operating stability of the car. As a power transmission part for connection between the frame (or body) and axle (or wheel)
    1. Toyota Air Suspension PartsIt can change the damping force.
      It can change the spring stiffness and vehicle height by adjusting the volume of air.
      It also provides functions such as false diagnosis and automatic protection.
    1. Volkswagen Air Suspension PartsThe air suspension used in Volkswagen allows the car to achieve low vibration frequency, good ride comfort, operating stability and driving safety. It can keep the auto body height constant, and adjust the ride height according to requirements.
    1. FORD Air Suspension Parts
    1. Hummer Air Suspension Parts
    1. GOLDSCHMITT Air Suspension Parts
    1. RIDE-RITE Air Suspension Parts

Our main products include convoluted air spring, air spring for trucks, buses, cab suspension and driver's seats, air suspension parts and industrial air spring. They provide a good vibration control solution. We have their own R & D team and technical support team, including rubber formulation engineers, mold engineers and other professional technicians. The company has passed ISO/TS16949 certification, and ISO2008: 9001 quality management system certification.