1. Air Spring for BusesAll the world's passenger cars will use this product in the future. We design and manufacture the product that can maximally

Air Spring / Pneumatic Spring

The air spring is an important part of air suspension system in car. It utilizes the elasticity of compressed air, coming with buffering, damping, weight-bearing, and other functions. It has excellent elastic property and many other advantages compared with ordinary steel spring, thus its application is very wide. Applying it to the automotive suspension system can greatly improve the car's ride smoothness and comfort.

The pneumatic spring can extend the service life and improve the ride quality of the vehicle. It also reduces the dynamic load of the wheel, greatly decreasing the damage to the road, thereby lowering the maintenance cost of road surface. With the growing of requirements on vehicle ride comfort and the development of car suspension technology, the application of air suspension on the car is increasingly widespread.

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