Air Spring for Trucks

Energy saving, emission reduction, and protection of the global environment are the conditions of human survival. The air spring for trucks meet the human need for such purposes. It helps to reduce the weight of the vehicle, the damage to the road, the consumption of energy, and the labor intensity of loading and unloading cargo in the vehicle. Currently, this product is extensively used in China and foreign countries. We believe that all the tractor or trailer will use it in the future.

1. The low frequency of free vibration ensures reliable transportation of fragile goods, stability of mobile operation and security of auto body and parts.
2. The air control valve helps to adjust the height of the vehicle body, so as to facilitate the loading and unloading of cargo.
3. The air spring is characterized by low natural frequency. Hence, it can absorb impact energy due to jumping and bumping of trucks, thus protecting the road and extending its service life.

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