Convoluted Air Spring

The conventional control mode of air suspension uses mechanical leveling valve. Through the opening and adjustment of the height control valve, it can realize the air charge and discharge of the air bag, thereby maintaining a constant ride height of vehicle. With the development of vehicle control technology, electronic control system gradually replaces the traditional mechanical control system.

The new control system not only improves operating comfort and reacting sensitivity, but also has a lot of auxiliary functions. Currently, this technology has been widely adopted by enterprises both at home and abroad. Regardless of the tractor or trailer, we believe that it will use convoluted air spring in the future.

1. Due to low free-vibration frequency, it can protect the transport of damageable goods, and guarantee the stability of mobile operation and security of auto body and various accessories.
2. Through the effective co-ordination of convoluted air spring and shock absorber, it reduces the displacement, achieves better damping effect, and is more conducive to the vehicle design.
3. By means of the air control valve, it can adjust the height of the vehicle body. The raising and lowering of the vehicle body facilitate the loading and unloading of cargo.

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Convoluted Air Spring

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